1. Do you shoot with film or digital?
Most portrait sessions are shot on film and weddings are a mix of film and digital. I prefer the look of film so use that as much as I can, but always have my digital camera along for low light or fast moving situations. 

2. What do you mean by film?
No, I am not referring to video. Film is the old school stuff that was around before digital took over! The quality of film far surpasses the quality of digital. I love the soft and romantic look I can get with film, especially for photographing weddings. 

3. What type of equipment do you use?
For digital, I use full-frame professional Nikon cameras. For film, I’ll be bringing my beloved medium-format Contax 645 camera.

4. Do I need a second photographer? 
Having a second photographer allows another perspective and additional angles. It essentially allows me to be in two places at once! Whether you need a second photographer also depends on what details are important to you and where you will be getting ready. It would allow getting ready coverage across multiple locations without cutting into coverage of other important events of the day.

5. What is your turnaround time for wedding images? 
I know all of my brides are so excited to see their images! This is typically 3-4 weeks. I know how exciting it can be anticipating your photos, and I won't keep you waiting longer than necessary! 

6. How many images will I receive? 
You can expect between 600 - 800 images depending on hours of coverage you have and what goes on during your wedding day.   Every session and wedding is different, so this isn't a guarantee just an average.

7. Do you offer albums and other print products?
Definitely! I whole-heartedly believe in printing pictures for your home and having an album of images to physically hold and pass around at your coffee table. I offer heirloom professional albums that are made to last for generations. 

8. Can we print our own photographs?
You sure can! Although, I highly suggest that you avoid printing at places like Costco, Target and Walgreens. The colors and quality do not do the photos any justice but you are more than welcome to download and print your images wherever you’d like.

9. Do you have any recommended vendors? 
Yes! I do. There are so many great vendors out there and it can be hard to find people and know who to trust. I'd be happy to make recommendations. 

10. I like what I see. What do I do now? 
Scroll down a tiny bit to the “Lets get in touch” and send me a message! I'll respond with all the deets and a lot of exclamation marks and then we can find a time to chat in person or online - whichever you'd prefer! We'll go over how many hours of coverage you need and chat about your wedding vision (you know I gotta know all the details).

 11. We gotta have you! How do we book? 
All it takes is a 15% deposit and a signed contract - easy as pie! We can figure out a payment schedule or you can turn in the balance a month prior to your wedding.

12. Do you travel? 
I've got my passport, suitcase, and snazzy travel playlist ready to go!