Hey, Friend!!

I am so glad you are here and that you find beauty in this space.

I'm Sarahi, the gal behind the camera!  Based in Campbell, California where I live with my favorite guy ever and our little one who keeps us tired, crazy, and happier than we could imagine. When I'm not behind the camera I love spending my days outside, whether it's a hot afternoon at the beach or in our yard with our little lady, outside is typically where you'll find me. I’m primarily a natural light wedding photographer but I also have a love for families and little ones.

I basically grew up with a camera in my hands. I fell in love with photography as a way to capture the beauty that I see in every day life. I cant even count how many photographs I have taken over the years, but just within the last few years, at the encouragement of the amazing man I married, I really pursued my dream of professionally photographing couples in love. I jumped right in and haven’t looked back since. From capturing all of the important moments, to the smallest details, it is my goal to deliver genuine, candid, colorful, light filled images that capture your unique love story.


  • My husband & daughter

  • Traveling

  • The ocean

  • Candles. Everywhere. 

  • Country & Croatian Music

  • Summer

  • Ice cream

  • Home decor

  • Madewell

  • Good girls

  • Bachelor & Bachelorette

  • Cooking

  • Chocolate covered raisins

  • Road trips

  • Oil painting

  • && exclamation marks!! (:


Our Story

In 2013, I met my husband, David. I'm about to get super cheesy. From the moment I met him, I knew I never wanted to be without him. A few weeks passed, and I saw him again. All I knew was I couldn't get this guy out of my head, I needed to do something about it. So I went up to him and got his number. (: The day we started talking was the first day of the rest of our lives. Inseparable since then. We got engaged in December of 2015 and married in January of 2016. Had our beautiful daughter, Lucy, in May of 2017.  He's the best thing I ever could have asked for. I feel so lucky to have such a supportive person in my life, especially when I share with him about inspirations, weddings, and my ideas! I absolutely could not be where I am without him.


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